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Storming down a serpentine road, the Driver and his secretive passenger with a mysterious briefcase cuffed to his wrist, are desperately trying to evade the incessant attacks of a military helicopter. Risking life and limb, the Driver refuses to be in the dark any longer, however, all he needs to know is that the outcome of this mission may preserve peace. The Driver finds himself in a dangerous, yet highly political situation; this time being pursued by a helicopter gunship while carrying a passenger with a suitcase, the contents of which will decide the fate of a nation. Ticker (2002) keeps me coming back for a re-viewing. This dramatic action short film is fast, exciting, riveting, suspenseful, and ultimately thoughtful. It is one of a series of short films. I recommend action enthusiasts give this film their attention. Also, have a look at The Hostage (2002) and Beat The Devil (2002). Having just watched his work in The Grey, I was quite surprised and happy to see Joe Carnahan's name pop up as being the director of this second of the second series of BWM-produced short films. The story such as it is, begins with bullets pelting the roadway all around the Driver's BMW. His passenger has a briefcase that has to be delivered to its destination – a briefcase that just started leaking a flammable fluid and has begun a countdown sequence.

The story behind this starting point is played out quite nicely in flashbacks before the reveal at the end and, while it doesn't make a massive amount of sense, it does work for what it is – providing a decent conclusion but also mystery up till that point. Of course this all comes to nothing if the short can't deliver a certain amount of tension and pace and here on both fronts it does. The direction is good throughout and with the cinematography and (most importantly) the editing, it not only looks good but has energy and pace while also being able to retain that while cutting away to fill in the story. Gilroy is the one though – I thought it was edited perfectly to make everything work as well as it did, not easy considering telling the story is in the construct. Of course, having a score from someone like Clint Mansell does no harm either.

The cast are mixed. Owen is really good with his urgent delivery and good presence, while Cheadle is just as good while retaining the mystery of his character. What didn't work so well for me though was how many other faces are crammed into this very short film – particularly the ones that barely have a word to say. Abraham is probably not the worst of these as he is a key player at least, but it is just distracting and unnecessary to have Patrick, Haysbert and Liotta in there for no reason; their presence late on in the film distracted me with thoughts of what they were going to do (the answer is "nothing" by the way).

This gripe aside though, this is urgent and enjoyable with a decent plot and makes for one of the better of the BMW short films.


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Sam Flynn (Hedlund), a rebellious 27-year-old, is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of his father Kevin Flynn (Bridges), a man once known as the world's leading video-game developer. When Sam investigates a strange signal sent from the old Flynn's Arcade -- a signal that could only come from his father-- he finds himself pulled into a digital world where Kevin has been trapped for 20 years. With the help of the fearless warrior Quorra (Wilde), father and son embark on a life-or-death journey across a cyber universe -- a universe created by Kevin himself that has become far more advanced with vehicles, weapons, landscapes and a ruthless villain who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. In 1989, computer genius Kevin Flynn tells his young son about his adventures in the cyber world of Tron. He talks about the friends he made and his emissary CLU which is a program he made in his likeness. He promises that one day he will take him to the Grid, but Flynn disappears and Sam is devastated. 20 years later, his father's company ENCOM is being operated by the Board who take the company in a different direction as oppose to Flynn's. Sam spends his time moping over his father's disappearance and pulling a prank on the board. One day, Alan Bradley, his father's best friend tells Sam that he got a page from the phone at his father's office at his arcade. Sam wonders why is that so important, Alan tells him because the number's been disconnected for 20 years. Alan still clings to the hope that Flynn is out there and that he didn't walk away from his work and Sam, he gives Sam the keys to the arcade. Sam goes there and finds his father's work station and after entering a few codes finds himself in the Grid. After being mistaken for a program, he finds himself subjected to all sorts of contests but when they discover he is not a program but a user. He is brought to the head man whom Sam thinks is his father but later discovers that it's CLU and he makes Sam take part in a light cycle battle. Sam is saved by a program named Quorra who takes him to his father. That's where he tells Sam that CLU turned on him and was planning to enter their world to "fix" it's imperfections, so to stop him he closed the portal trapping himself there which is why he never came back. Sam wants to go back but Flynn doesn't want to give CLU the chance to carry out his plan, so he chooses not to but Sam defies him. TRON Legacy is garbage.

The trailer looked promising, and the intro seemed to be going in a good direction.

But as soon as they started to talk, it just showed how shallow and depth-less this movie really is.

The actors are to play "digital-biological" beings, no one seems to know how they should act like? In the movie, some act like rigid sentient robots, some act like deranged humans, and some act like exotic futuristic aliens. There's hardly any consistency in the way the characters behave and interact with others in this movie. But it's not really the actors fault, because nowhere in the story was it explained what kind of characters they are, or supposed to be. And so, everyone just seemed to act to their own interpretation of their character, without any sort of structure to their social behaviour.

Abysmal explanations for the plot. No effort was given into creating a believable, or even exciting setting for the audience to take in. A useless back-story, and dumb technical meaningless jargon put together to try to describe the creation and history of a digital world. But in the end, it was not even remotely understandable as to what anything was.

Insufferable dialogue. There is one scene where Jeff Bridges just points to some special effect and says "wow, look at that". It's actually fitting if you go into the movie with an 80's mindset. But the rest of the movie has a modern, dark (The Dark Knight-like) atmosphere, and the contrast is too great to be stomached in the same film.

Some of the positive aspects the movie done well are the special effects, the soundtrack, and the action scenes. The biggest problem I have with TRON was that it was so close to being an extremely entertaining and well made movie (with the quirky 80's theme to it as well), but the few negative points were so unbearable that it degraded the movie to the point where all the quirkiness lost value, and in turn degraded the movie even more.

I would say it's fairly similar to Inception (2010), in that both movies were creating an imaginative new world that is drastically different from the world we live in. And both had the challenge of making it seemingly believable (or enough to suspend our disbelief). Inception also threw in a ton of technical jargon to make an attempt to explain the complex peculiarities of their world. Even though they didn't explain any of the exact technical specifics for the technology, they left the unexplainable unknown, and made very clear the few basic concepts that needed to be understood to follow the plot and goals of the movie. But Tron failed in this aspect very hard. And the necessity of this factor in a sci-fi movie like this is a huge blow to the atmosphere, and makes it very hard for the audience to follow or connect with the plot.

Go check it out, but do not expect a story-telling experience. It is just 90 minutes of visual and audio spectacle. When I first wanted to see this film I had no idea it had any connection to the game. I was bored so I picked a random film to watch in the cinema that night.

I love science fiction, but this was just funny at some points. The plot is full of holes, I wasn't able to get the full picture about "the grid", because the story was just poorly interpreted. The cast was OK, honestly I didn't expect anything serious from this kind of film.

The soundtrack left a really special impression on me. I was thrilled to see Daft Punk playing. I nearly started to dance on my seat, it was really something. Overall, the film looks nice, I mean it had to be spectacular, it's sci-fi :)

If you are a big fan of the game, you'll probably be thrilled and you might like it, but not me.

I cannot rate it higher than 4, because I think it is the maximum this film deserves. The soundtrack cannot make the film much better, can it? TRON: Legacy may well satisfy the fanboys who have waited almost three decades for its appearance. Enjoy. Who knows, maybe one day if you wait long enough they'll make a "Super Mario Bros." sequel, too. Tron is a security program created by Alan Bradley in the first Tron film. He has the appearance of his creator and user, Alan Bradley. It is a sequel that takes place in present time about 27 years from the first film and will continue the story of Kevin Flynn but takes place in a new Grid developed by Flynn in the late 1980s. Not crucial for understanding or enjoying Legacy, but recommended. The original TRON answers a few questions such as how Flynn gained control of Encom, more backstory on himself, Alan Bradley and by extension Tron too; why Flynn was motivated to create such a world. It also explains why there just happens to be a laser pointed right at the chair that sends Sam into the digital world of TRON. It's called "Derezzed" by Daft Punk. The original Tron was an experimental production back in 1982, involving large amounts of work and created at great financial expense, but its box office success was considered to be moderate. However, over the next decade, the movie started to gather a cult following that did not go unnoticed. Disney had been floating a sequel around since the 1990s but it really started to solidify in 2008 when a teaser trailer, directed by Joseph Kosinski was screened to the audience at the San Diego ComicCon, where it was a huge hit. The trailer featured Jeff Bridges playing Flynn aged in real time and featured a light cycle race with the Clu program as a rider resembling a young Jeff Bridges. After the teaser was shown, Disney decided to go ahead with an official sequel to Tron. Kevin Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) had a software engineer for Encom computers in Tron before he was fired and ended up running his own video arcade called Flynn's. At the end of the original Tron, he became the CEO of Encom. Yes. The scenes involving him in the 1980s with his son Sam—and scenes of his computer counterpart Clu in the present day world of Tron—show Bridges as his younger self via the magic of computer manipulation. The same technique (sometimes referred to as "digital skin graft") had already been employed by the same studio or others, e.g. upon Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen for X-Men: The Last Stand (2006), and Brad Pitt for The Curios Case of Benjamin Button (2008). Thereafter or more recently it was used upon Iain Glen for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (2016). There are many examples. A related technique is that of digitally over-imposing a well-photographed version of an actor's face onto another performer, as was the case for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation (2009) and Terminator Genisys (2015), and for others: Hugo Weaving in The Matrix Reloaded (2003), Ian McDiarmid (only for a split second) in Revenge of the Sith (2005), Paul Walker (for unfinished scenes) in Furious 7 (2015), Robert Downey Jr. in Captain America: Civil War (2016), and the long-deceased Peter Cushing in Rogue One (2016). Either of the techniques and most likely the former was used for Kyle MacLachan in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode "The Things We Bury" (2014). Clu 2 is a program based on Kevin Flynn's original Clu program from the first movie. Clu, in the first Tron was a program Kevin used to hack into programs. Clu resembled his user Kevin but spoke in a different voice. The original Clu was derezzed by the Master Control Program (MCP) in the original film. This film's new Clu is actually the program now running Flynn's own created world, called The Grid, and is the film's main antagonist. He was initially created by Flynn as a control program for the new version of the digital world, but turned on his creator. He is playing his human character of Alan Bradley. Although Tron appears unmasked only briefly in flashback and is hidden for most of the film by his helmet, they have used the same computer de-aging techniques to make Bruce look younger as they have for Jeff Bridges' character of Clu 2. There is also a short flashback to 1989 showing a young computer de-aged Alan getting out of a car. Boxleitner also provides the voice for Tron. No, Cindy Morgan is not in the film and neither are the characters of Lora and Yori. She appeared as Lora Baines Bradley in an ARG (alternate reality game) Disney event at Wondercon 2010 in San Francisco and the character has been married to Alan Bradley/Tron in the TRON universe for over 20 years. Morgan performed a voiceover for the MA3A character in the TRON: 2.0 (2003) video game but she was not asked to be a part of Tron: Legacy, the new Tron: Evolution (2010) videogame or the animated TRON: Uprising (2012-2013) television series. Yes and they are updated. The light cycles are basically the same and are used in gladiatorial games like in the original Tron but they are now also used for transportation. The light stream that is ejected from the back of the bike is no longer limited to 90 degree angles it can know make arcs. The light cycles are activated around a program/user via a wand like device. A car version with two seats and four wheels called the Light Runner also makes an appearance, in addition to a jet. A light cycle based on the original design from the old Tron world can be found at Flynn's apartment, and is briefly used by his son. Interestingly enough, the retro light cycle in Tron: Legacy is not computer-generated and is a physical mock-up unlike the animated version in the original Tron. Yes. The Recognizers, vehicles originally created by Kevin Flynn for his game, "Space Paranoids", indeed are in the new movie with updated looks and advances just like the light cycles. It is short for de-resolution (and thus possibly spelled "de-res"), the cyber-world equivalent of death. When a program in Tron de-rezes, it ceases to exist. In Tron: Legacy, there is no MCP; at least not as a character or personification. The original MCP was destroyed in Tron. Although there is no "Master Control Program" in the film, the character of Clu 2 was originally built for a similar purpose and plays the same role in the film. On a side note, an actual master control program is an operating system or its kernel, without which no regular programs can run. It may be that an MCP in the Tron universe is overwritten with replacement software that takes over its responsibilities and powers rather than actually destroyed. A new MCP takes over (with or without personification), in other words. Otherwise the term is a character-specific moniker. Yes. Flynn had the original Tron security program transferred to the new grid that he created. Because this is a new world not the one from the original movie but a different one created by Kevin Flynn in the late 1980s. This new TRON world is called the Grid, and has been running on a server hidden in Flynn's arcade, disconnected from the internet, gradually evolving over the course of 20 years. The basics still seem to be there such as the light cycles, recognizers and solar sails. According to Joe Kosinski, The idea is that the Grid was created in the 1980s and evolved independent of the outside world. Syd Mead and Moebius' designs for the original Tron very much had an early 80s aesthetic, and it was fun to take these 1980s influences and evolve it forward within this particular world. (Source.) Except for Tron, we are never told the fate of the original world and its inhabitants, but if Encom kept some of their old servers, the original world might still exist. No, it is not, but that is due to the filmmaker's wishes. The "real world" footage is presented in 2D, and the "electronic world" footage is presented in 3D, as per the filmmaker's intentions. A disclaimer clarifies this before the opening credits in the 3D versions of the film and advises that the audience put on their 3D glasses right then and there due to the Disney logo and the opening credits being presented in 3D. No to both. He's called Zuse, after computer pioneer Konrad Zuse. The exact way isn't fully explained but Quorra had Kevin Flynn's disk when she went through the portal, the very same disk that Clu was after the entire film. Clu wanted Flynn's disk to bring an army of programs to the real world. It is possible that the code on a user's disk is able, with the digitizer laser, to make a program into a flesh and blood human being just as the digitizer makes a human into a digital being. Also consider that Quorra is shown to have DNA (or a similar structure) and that Kevin Flynn believes the ISOs will have immense positive impact on humanity outside of the computer. Quorra is obviously not just a program but has human or humanoid characteristics that allowed her to be transported into the real world along with Sam. They were both within the beam after Sam releases his father's disk to transport himself back to the real world. Sam obviously is able to return; it is implied that Quorra is human enough to do so as well. Kevin created C.L.U. in order to help him make "the perfect world". When he reveals to C.L.U that the perfect world can't be created, C.L.U. no longer has a purpose. For C.L.U., a "perfect world" represents a world where everything has a goal, a purpose. If the perfect world cannot be created, C.L.U. becomes a useless program and therefore has no purpose. It may also be that C.L.U. feels that Flynn lied to him or betrayed him by giving him a directive that could never be fulfilled. Flynn, Sam and Quorra head towards the portal they are cut off by CLU. CLU then attacks Flynn and so Sam attempts to fight CLU but Quorra comes between them. Flynn tells CLU to remember what he came for (Flynn's user disk) and so CLU turns his attention back to Flynn, allowing Quorra and Sam to head for the portal. CLU takes Flynn's user disk and finds that Flynn switched his with Quorra's. CLU tries one last-ditch effort to enter the portal but Flynn pulls him back and then Flynn destroys CLU, CLU's war ship and army along with it and presumably himself. On the outside world, Sam takes a flash drive out of the machine and put it on a chain around his neck. It wasn't exactly clear what this was but we can assume he had backed up the system on this drive. As he goes to leave the arcade. Alan Bradley is waiting for him. Sam tells Alan that he is making Alan CEO of Encom and that Sam is taking control of the company. Lastly, Sam walks outside where Quorra is waiting for him. Sam says he wants to show her something, so he takes her for a ride to the city as she takes in the world before her eyes. It's possible but not very likely. He sacrifices himself to save Kevin, Sam and Quorra, crashes into the ocean, and is seen sinking to the depths. The last we see is his red suit become the blueish white of the users. Because we never see him de-rez, he most likely has survived. Since these movies are called Tron, it's likely the title character will be around for the third outing. Since he was in the computer world when he supposedly died, it is really not known. The movies have never explored what would happen if a digitized human died in the computer. If Jeff Bridges decides to come back for the sequel, they will most likely think of a creative way to bring him back or explain that he was never dead to begin with. It's also entirely possible that Kevin Flynn will come back in another form in the computer totally unrelated to his digitized form. The "Discs of TRON" arcade cabinet is indeed in the film, seen when Sam kneels down to pick up his quarter after it drops out of the coin return of the TRON game in Flynn's arcade. However, if one looks carefully at the "Discs of TRON" cabinet in the film, they can spot the logo of Bally / Midway, the actual makers of the game, instead of the ENCOM logo, the in-film makers of the TRON game.


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The Recovery is a 43-minute Dramedy with Action overtones, with themes of redemption through selfless acts.

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original title: The Recovery

genge: Short,Action,Comedy,Drama



duration: 42min

tags: Alfie is about to discover that it's not all about him...

budget: £750


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When Monica ends her relationship with Alfie, he decides to continue on his downward spiral of gambling and alcoholism, only to end up bruised, battered and embarrassed. Alfie finally gets his 'wake up call'; in more ways than one, and must get through 'The Recovery', the only way he knows how. The Recovery is a 43-minute Dramedy with Action overtones, with themes of redemption through selfless acts.


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Download The The Mercenaries Full Movie Italian Dubbed In Torrent

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An M9 agent infiltrating a group of mercenaries is killed, supposedly in an ambush. Drake is sent to Africa to join Colonel Coote's mercenaries and to find out what happened. He finds a plot to overth

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original title: The Mercenaries

genge: Action,Adventure,Crime,Mystery,Thriller



duration: 1h























































Un agente M9 che si infiltra in un gruppo di mercenari viene ucciso, presumibilmente in un'imboscata. Drake viene inviato in Africa per unirsi ai mercenari del colonnello Coote e per scoprire cosa è successo. Trova una trama per rovesciare il governo. un governo. Un agente M9 che si è infiltrato in un gruppo di mercenari viene ucciso in Africa, presumibilmente in un'imboscata. Drake viene inviato in Africa per unirsi ai mercenari del colonnello Coote e per scoprire cosa gli è successo. Si mette in contatto con il Primo Ministro e scopre che deve fare un'operazione, e che i mercenari di Coote sono stati assunti per proteggerlo. Drake sospetta che ci sia una cospirazione per assassinare il Primo Ministro, qualcosa che è determinato a smettere di accadere.


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